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Product Advantages:

  • Ease of operation with single button operation, colour coded status and remaining cycle time indication
  • Easy to clean and hygienic safety by self cleaning, hygiene cycleand rounded edges in the wash chamber
  • Double walled housing for low noise level and energy effi ciency
  • Useable inside dimensions w x d x h: 1258 x 773 x 825 mm
  • No clogging of wash nozzles by strainer sensor control
  • Completely equipped with rinse pressure pump, drain pump and chemical dispensers
  • Integrated prewash by GENIUS-X2 fi ne fi lter system: achieving better wash results due to permanent fi ltration of wash water – saving energy and detergent
  • 30% lower operational cost by reduced rinse consumption
  • High wash performance by optimised wash system
SUNDRY Installation Prior to Delivery
323741 UXT 1240x700 Base Rack*
323637 UX Series-Stainless Steel Tray Insert for 8 Large Trays 568x625mm*
323777 UX Series-Stainless Steel Cover for Lightweight Washware 568x665mm*



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