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 Product Advantages:

  • High performance pre-wash “S”
  • Heavy-duty “A” wash tank for maximum wash results
  • Stainless steel wash & rinse arms with patented WIDE  ANGLE FAN nozzle to maximise wash & rinse performance
  • Automatic self check BEST START on start up -
  • PREMAX temperature profiles - increased pre and wash tank temperatures for improved wash results and increased throughput.
  • SENSOTRONIC intelligent control detects ware types and spaces between racks and adjusts operating parameters accordingly - GUARANTEES perfect wash results
  • PREMAX triple rinse system providing maximum water chemical and energy savings - 180 litres / hr.
  • 3 speeds - 120 / 190 / 300 racks / hr with autotimer
  • Heat recovery C20 - fill on hot water and then run on cold - reduced operating costs and lower exhaust volumes.
  • Efficient dryer with GUIDEAIR to direct air from the top and the bottom to give best drying results for all ware
  • PROTRONIC touch screen intelligent control positioned at operator height on control panel door.
  • Optimum hygienic safety by deep drawn tank with coved corners and single piece strainer pan
  • Stainless steel wash pump - self draining
  • Full machine insulation (doors, top & rear) for heat       retention (savings) & a better work environment

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