A4WD.QF 4 Passenger Golf Cart (4 Seats)4 Passenger Golf Cart (4
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A4WD.QF 4 Passenger Golf Cart (4 Seats)4 Passenger Golf Cart (4

Item No: A4WD.QF
This is our 4 passenger golf cart, or club car, with a loading capability of 540kg. This 4 seat golf buggy is designed with two rows of seats, as the picture shows.
The dimension of this 4 passenger golf carts is 3120mm long×1200mm wide×1920mm high, and the net weight is 360kg, excluding the battery. 
In addition to red golf cars, we also offer golf carts in other colors, such as red, yellow, green, blue, and silvery white, etc.

1. The body of our 4 passenger golf cart is made of PP alloy, a kind of special plastic, which is superior in corrosion resistance, anti-fadedness, as well as shock resistance.
2. The chassis of our golf carts is made of high yield strength tubular steel by welding. The painting of chassis is conducted in the spray booth, thus ensuring high quality coating. Due to these, we guarantee that this cart chassis won't get rusty forever, and the golf buggy has great toughness and low net weight. 
3. Battery is American Trojan original, so that our golf carts has a super long continuous mileage which is generally 30-60km further than that of a conventional electric golf cart. 
4. Strong climbing capability, easy operation, and comfortable seating make our 4 passenger golf carts all the more suitable for places like hotels, scenic areas, golf courses, airports, parks, etc.

Specifications of 4 Passenger Golf Carts (4 Seats)

Body & Chassis  
Body "PP" Alloy which is a special plastic material commonly used in automobile industry
Chassis Welded high yield strength tubular steel with liquid painting, spray booth painting, anode cells.
Standard color White
Overall length 3120mm
Overall width 1200mm
Overall height 1920mm
Ground clearance: 114mm
Wheel base(front/rear): 870mm/980mm
Motor American ADC 48V, separately excited 3.7kw motor
Battery Trojan T-875 battery 8 volt x 6 units, 145Ah
Charger Delta-Q onboard charger or offboard charger
Controller US made Curtis 1266 controller
Transaxle Italy made Graziano transaxle
Net weight (batteries exclude ) 360kg
Loading capability: 540kg
Climbing Capability: Safety climbing capability:20%;Max climbing capability 30%
Maximum speed: 18-24 km/h
Braking distance: ≤2.5 m
Minimum turning radius 2.9m
Max continuous mileage: 80km - 100km
Steering & Suspension  
Steering Dual automotive-style strut and self-adjust rack-and pinion steering
Front suspension Helical spring with hydraulic shock absorber
Rear suspension Helical spring with hydraulic shock absorber
Brakes Dual rear wheel mechanical drum brakes, self-adjusting, with non-asbestos linings
Tyre Carlisle 18x8.50-8/18x8.50-8
Air pressure 22PSI

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